Aims & Scope

The JOURNAL OF OASIS AGRICULTURE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (JOASD) is an international open access journal supported by the Drylands and oasis cropping laboratory (Arid regions institute, Tunisia: and explore advancements in agriculture for sustainable development. In August 2022, The scientific committee has decided to change the periodicity of the JOASD publication from biannual to triannual (June-September-December).


The purpose is to stimulate the interests in doing research on regulatory issues relating to oasis, agriculture, food system and protection. The journal covers scientific disciplines like engineering, technology, and biotechnology.


Manuscripts must have topics on:

- Production,

- Genetics,

- Genetic resources

- Fruit Biochemistry,

- Microbiology,

- Biotechnology,

- Entomology,

- Crop protection,

- Ecology, Soil, 

- Irrigation,

- Remote Sensing/GIS,

- Agriculture economics related to plant and animal species.